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Beast Quest: Space Wars: Cosmic Spider Attack: Book 3

Beast Quest: Space Wars: Cosmic Spider Attack: Book 3

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Join Harry and Ava as they battle the most terrifying space Beast yet! Book 3 in a thrilling new adventure series that's out of this world - perfect for Beast Quest fans and anyone who loves action-packed stories. The community aboard the massive space station Vantia1 is in danger once again - and now their enemy Vellis has stolen the technology that could allow him to escape the Void and attack the station himself! When a massive space spider is spotted, armed with powerful lasers and the ability to spin deadly webs, Harry and Ava know they must act - but can they foil their enemy and save their friends and families? Book 3 in this gripping series. Don't miss Space Wars: Curse of the Robo-Dragon if you want to find how Harry and Ava's adventure began!

  • | Author: Adam Blade
  • | Publisher: Orchard Books
  • | Publication Date: Apr 04, 2023
  • | Number of Pages: 192 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1408368005
  • | ISBN-13: 9781408368008
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