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Austin Macauley

The Serengeti Kid

The Serengeti Kid

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Come join Kayo and his family on this exciting trip to Kenya where they learn all about the Kenyan culture and people. As you follow Kayo's thrilling adventures in the Masai Mara Jungle and Serengeti you will meet the animals living in their natural habitat. It is here in Masai Mara that Kayo gets lost and his separated from his parents. Kayo is left in despair but then he realizes he has this ability to communicate with animals. He is able to hear them and understand them. Will the animals be able to help Kayo? Will Kayo ever meet his parents again? Read The Serengeti Kid to find out!

  • | Author: Rohini Manik
  • | Publisher: Austin Macauley
  • | Publication Date: Jun 23, 2023
  • | Number of Pages: 42 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 168562328X
  • | ISBN-13: 9781685623289
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