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Independently published

Beyond Time-Space: Science of The Future

Beyond Time-Space: Science of The Future

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Shall we ever be able to explain completely the anomalies in 'theory of gravity' (we know today that universe is expanding at faster rate than before defying the basic principal of gravity) and 'standard model of particle physics'? Will proof of existence of Higg's boson (God's particle) answer all the problems of particle physics when you learn every day some new realities? Will we ever know the nature and origin of dark energy and dark matter which were conceived to explain the anomaly in theory of gravity? Is there a fifth dimension parallel to the space-time fabric and morphed and can't be detected by the instruments and explained by models and formulas based on matter? What is the energy source which powers the brain cells, because a brain-dead person can still live? What is mind and what is dream? Are these the indicators of the fifth-dimension, basis of which is non-matter? Is the sub-conscious mind is pseudo me and reality lies in unconscious mind? Author endeavors to put forth logical and rational reasoning on these eternal quest of science.

  • | Author: Sanjeev Ranjan
  • | Publisher: Independently published
  • | Publication Date: Apr 16, 2018
  • | Number of Pages: 114 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1980847916
  • | ISBN-13: 9781980847915
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