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Austin Macauley

America'S First Soldiers

America'S First Soldiers

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America's First Soldiers unfolds with the critical events and people that lead Massachusetts to initiate the American Revolutionary War. These first soldiers were the catalyst for the skirmish at Lexington Green, the battle of the Old North Bridge, and the life and death struggle along a 16-mile road, passing through six Massachusetts towns in a violent, running battle of fire and maneuver. Dig in on the deadly struggle for a Boston hilltop, Breed's Hill, known as Bunker Hill. For the British Army, it was the deadliest battle of the American Revolutionary War. This battle, more than any other event, created the moment Massachusetts and the other colonies realized the American Revolution had begun. Meet a young Boston bookseller who believed he could bomb the mighty British army out of Boston. He became Washington's Yankee, standing with him from Boston to victory at Yorktown. He was the man General Washington personally chose to succeed him as the Continental Army's commanding general. America's First Soldiers is the account of extraordinary men whose defeat of the British was so thorough, that during the eight-year struggle of the American Revolutionary War the British never again fought in Massachusetts. Part 1 of this book chronicles America's First Soldiers. Part 2 visits some of the well-preserved and fascinating sites in Massachusetts as a 21st-century historical to...

  • | Author: Amelia Mcnutt
  • | Publisher: Austin Macauley
  • | Publication Date: Jan 06, 2023
  • | Number of Pages: 250 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1649798148
  • | ISBN-13: 9781649798145
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