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Conversations With Nicole

Conversations With Nicole

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Conversations With Nicole is a series of email correspondence bet-ween Pastor Vitale and a young lady who contacted her through the Internet asking for help concerning spiritual issues. Topics include, Nicole's Personal Information, A Message From Jesus, Flies - I, A Manifestation Of Satan, Deliverance Ministry, The Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit, Is There An Unforgivable Sin?, Revelation 22:18, Fear, Reptilian Aliens, Tainted Truth, Breaking Ties With The Occult, The Doctrine Of Christ Is Spiritually Satisfying, Egyptian Spiritual Philosophy, The Fear Of God, Fear Means Reverence, Two Judgments, God's Definition Of Love, The Reality Of Destruction, Reincarnation, Supernatural Connection, Sowing & Reaping Judgment, Saved In Child-Bearing, Predestination, Flies - Ii, Judgment Falls As We Move Closer To God, Pastor Vitale's Testimony, Two Accounts Of Creation, God's Voice, Or Satan's?, Recognizing God's Voice, Nicole's Prayer For Truth & Understanding, The Church Is Indoctrinated, Spiritual Insects, The Search For Food, Incarnation, The Solution, Nicole's Dream - I, Two Serpents & A Brain, Leviathan & The Fiery Serpent, The Fiery Serpent's Two Sides, Abel, Adam's Female Side, Sub-Brains, Why This Dream?, Spiritual Potential, The First Wave Of Spiritual Christianity, Unbelief, The Spiritual Reality Of Communion, The Lusts Of The Flesh Mind, Nicole's Prayer Request, Should I Go To Church?, The Doctrine Of Christ Washes Our Mind, Occult Books, Spiritually Intellectual Books, Spiritually Dirty Books, Spiritual Suicide, Lack Of Spiritual Christian Resources, The Image Of God, Lies Of The Occult, Nicole's Dream - Ii, A Serpent In The Car, Word Of Knowledge Dream, Two Minds, The Carnal Mind, The Christ Mind, Two Stages, The Water (The Holy Spirit), The Blood (The Spirit Of Christ), Nicole's Challenge, Intimacy With Christ, Corrective Judgment, This World System Is Hell, The Double-Minded Man, Two Aspects Of The Christ Mind, Imputed Christ, Imparted Christ, Discipleship In Christ, Jeremiah 12:5, Three Stages Of Transition, Serpent In The Car Dream Interpretation, Archetypal Symbols, Back Seat, Good Friend, Driving The Car, Coiled Snake, Young Girl, Snake Attacks, Snake Not Recognized, Snake Fails, Car Is Stopped, The First Snake, Car Windows Disappear, Satan, Jehovah's Enforcer, Satan, The Serpent's High Priest, Satan, Jehovah's Servant, Jehovah Is Higher Than All Other Laws, Why Does Satan Tempt Us?, The Judgment Seat Of Christ, The Second Snake, Christ Perceived As Poisonous, Spiritual Battles In Christ Jesus, Spiritual Activity Experienced As A Dream, Jesus' Court Of Justice, The Lord's Invitation, Clouds, The Rapture, Israel Cannot Be Cursed, Christ Is Higher Than The Law, Discerning The Lord's Voice, The Lord Speaks To Us Through Our Thoughts, Prayer Request, Lawful, But Not Expedient, Jehovah's Covenant With Israel, The Ten Commandments, Nicole's Prayer For Protection, Hell, Spiritual Truth Is Spiritually Discerned, We Shall Inherit The Earth, Not Heaven, Do You Really Believe It?, I Do Not Believe It!, A Just God, A Merciful God, Deliverance From Eternal Torment

  • | Author: Sheila Vitale
  • | Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • | Publication Date: Apr 17, 2018
  • | Number of Pages: 166 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1985267268
  • | ISBN-13: 9781985267268
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